School improvement

The Michigan Department of Education approved the School Improvement Framework (SIF) to guide schools in developing effective school improvement efforts. The five strands of the SIF are identified below, along with links to MDE resources for each.



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MDE resources to support school improvement


Additional Resources for School Improvement










Partnership with AdvancEd

The Office of School Improvement  and the Office of Education Assessment and Accountability  of the Michigan Department of Education, in collaboration with AdvancED, provide unified online resources designed to:

  • Assist Michigan schools and districts with their school improvement and accreditation efforts.
  • Avoid duplication of effort for schools and districts to meet their school improvement and accreditation requirements.


Local district support for school improvement 

St. Clair County RESA staff will assist local districts in developing effective school improvement plans focused on student learning. Contact Brenda Tenniswood , RESA Director of Education Services, at (810) 455-4002.



Supporting school improvement with data 

Local districts in St. Clair County use DataDirector, an innovative online data management and assessment solution, to support their school improvement efforts. Visit this web page to learn more about DataDirector.


Michigan Department of Education, School Data Warehouse,


Data4SS (Data 4 Student Success) is and online data tool designed to support data-driven decision making in Michigan's schools. The project also provides quality professional development tools that support school improvement activities.