Professional development

The world keeps changing. RESA's ongoing program of professional development ensures that school teachers, administrators and other staff have the opportunities they need to keep up with those changes. Educators turn to the RESA for cost-effective, countywide programs to help them keep up to date with course content, technology, classroom management techniques and a range of other topics.




All SCECHs earned after January 1, 2010 will be awarded to educators and administrators via a Secure Central Registry (SCR). After a workshop ends, SCECH Coordinators upload eligible participants into the registry. Once uploaded, participants will receive email notification. 


Participants then follow the instructions to complete a required evaluation of the offering. MDE will charge a $2.50 processing fee per each evaluation. SCECHs will post to your account once the evaluation is complete and the processing fee is paid (via credit card). Participants have 30 days after email notification to complete the evaluation. If not completed within 30 days, the program will close and you will forfeit the SCECHs for that program.


You must have an SCR (Secured Central Registry) account to complete the evaluation and earn SCECHs.




Links to Michigan and national resources

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