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These toolboxes were designed to prepare students for the 2008 MEAP test. They do not currently reflect the MEAP test for the 2011 in terms of content and format. We have update our test prep materials with a new product: Target! Aim! Score! For more information, please visit our WriteWell page.



The Math Toolbox was not updated to reflect the changes that took place on the Fall 2009 Mathematics MEAP. Instead of revising the toolbox since more changes were coming for the Common Core State Standards, practice tests were designed to reflect the changes in the newly designated Core and the Extended GLCES. We recommend using the CORE Practice MEAP Test for all students. There are two parts - one to be given without the use of calculators and the other part given with students using them. The CORE Practice Tests mimics the MEAP in that there are usually two items for each core GLCE. Sometimes there are more if the GLCE warrants it. For example, a measurement GLCE may include both standard and metric measurements, so extra items are included so both types can be practiced.


After the practice test is given, teachers can go to the Toolbox and find extra practice for those GLCEs identified as needing attention. They should also review the practice test items with their students as this is a good time to review important concepts from the previous year which they will need for the upcoming curriculum. Teachers can also take the opportunity to share test taking strategies with their students, helping them to build confidence. Since this is a review, this review should only take a few minutes per day and teachers should begin to teach the curriculum for their grade.


If students have done well on the CORE Practice MEAP, teachers can use the Extended GLCEs Practice MEAP in a similar way.


Note: There is one item for some of the Extended GLCEs included on the MEAP. There are two items for each CORE GLCE.

Persuasive Writing Toolboxes: Designed to help teach Persuasive Writing in 8th grade through 11th grade.


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