Grant Resources and Writing

The RESA searches for funding sources, researches opportunities for their relevance to district needs, collaborates with districts to design proposed projects, and writes and submits grant applications. The department also provides grant search assistance and writing support for individual district application efforts.

Contact: Garth Kriewall, ext. 4030.

If you're seeking funding for a special project, have a potential funding source and want help writing or editing your proposal, or simply want to learn about the grant writing and reviewing process, here are some resources that might help.

About grants

No school district and few, if any, non-profit organizations of any type operate solely on grant money. But grants can be an important source of income for schools.

Here’s a little primer about grants. Grants are of two types: formula grants and competitive grants.

Formula grants are government grants that are available to any district that qualifies. A school that meets the minimum eligibility requirements for Title I money, for example, will get the money simply by completing the necessary paperwork. There is a little more to it than that, but it doesn’t matter: formula grants are not why you are looking at this page.

You’re here to get more information about competitive grants. These, too, have eligibility requirements. That means if you are eligible to apply, you have a CHANCE at getting money by successfully competing against other schools for shares from a limited pot.

There are two basic categories of competitive grants: 

  • State and federal government grants
  • Private foundations and corporations

If you want to learn more about government grants, private grants, writing for grants and where to find grant money use the menu at left.