Enroll Your Child

Families can register by calling (810)455-4015 or printing a registration form here.

*Children must live in St. Clair County and be between the ages of 0-5 (not yet 5)



My child's books have stopped coming. What can I do?
Have you moved? Books cannot be forwarded with other mail through the post office. Addresses must be updated in the Imagination Library system. Please click here to fill out the form online or contact (810) 455-4443.

My children are receiving the same books, can I change this?
Children are sent books based on their age. Twins and children born in the same year will receive the same book each month. Younger siblings may receive the same book an older sibling has received. This happens occasionally and is a great time to teach children to look at their name on the back of the book and use the duplicates to let each child hold a book while reading at night.

How can I extend my child's learning?
On the back of every book is a mailing label with:
  1. The child's name. Children can see their name everyday. Practice reading and spelling their name before kindergarten.
  2. The child's address. Children can learn their address before entering kindergarten.
  3. The month the book was sent. Children can work on the months of the year, the season the months in and the month of their birthday.