Metal Machining Technology


Your Future in Metal Machining Technology

Students in the Metal Machining Technology program will learn how to produce precision metal products from design concept to finished piece. They gain experience using Mastercam CAD/CAM (computer aided drafting/computer aided machining) software. The Metal Machining Technology program is taught in a blended learning environment using online web-based curriculum.


  • Bench and layout operations
  • Blueprint reading
  • Computer-aided design
  • CNC lathe operation
  • CNC milling operation
  • CNC programming
  • Manual grinding, milling, and lathe set-up and operation
  • Precision measuring tools

Program Curriculum
Metal Machining

Extracurricular activities

Career opportunities
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Career Pathways

Metal Machining Technology is part of the Engineering/Manufacturing & Industrial Technology Pathway. Learn if this career pathway is for you.

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