Employer-Based Programs

Employer-based programs provide training opportunities in career areas that are not available at the St. Clair TEC facility. Employer-based students receive training at an assigned location from personnel employed there. Students are considered trainees and do not receive pay. Students must complete all state competencies and regularly report to TEC to complete the curriculum requirements.

A School-to-Work coordinator makes regular visits to the sites. Students follow a pre-established curriculum, daily attendance is recorded, and letter grades are issued for performance.

Students must provide their own transportation to their assigned training site. All employer-based students must submit an up-to-date Educational Development Plan to their high school counselor before being placed in an Employer-based Program. A parent/student orientation meeting is required.

bulldozer imageHeavy Equipment Technology:  Perform preventative maintenance and repair on heavy equipment including front-end loaders, backhoes, bulldozers, and tractors. Training includes engine repair, powertrain, steering, braking, and hydraulics/pneumatics. Students must complete basic skills/safety training.
Heavy Equipment Program Curriculum

motorcycle image

Small Engine Repair:  Specialize in one or more areas of small engine repair. Areas include air-cooled engines, lawn implements, chainsaw and power garden tools, motorcycles, ATVs, personal watercraft, and snowmobiles. Students must complete basic skills/safety training.
Small Engine Repair Program Curriculum

natural resources imageNatural Resources Management:  Students choosing Natural Resources Management will participate in training at the Pine River Nature Center. Participants will study scientific methods, ecosystems, water cycle, pollutants, plants, native wildlife and woodlot management. Projects, such as the construction of nature trails and bovine TB testing, may be available for student involvement.
                             Natural Resources Management Program Curriculum