Student Services

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Middle School STEM Academy

Students from each of the county's Middle Schools participate one-half day a week for one semester in the Middle School STEM Academy. Students use project based learning to study topics in science, technology, engineering, and math. 

Center staff is also helping three school districts esablish their own programs for gifted and talented students.

Blue Water Middle College

Students who participate in the St. Clair Blue Water Middle College will earn a high school diploma and possibly an associates degree or industry certification from St. Clair Community College.

Blue Water College Access Network

The BWCAN Initiative is a partnership between schools, college and community leaders to increase the number of St. Clair County graduates who continue their education beyond high school.

Other Programs Supported by St. Clair RESA Mathematics and Science Center

  • SC4 Science and Engineering Fair and local science fairs
  • Robotics Camp at St. Clair Technical Education Center 
  • Dissections at local schools
  • Lessons using technology (probes, sensors, etc..)

For more information, please feel free to contact:

  • Jim Licht: (810) 455-4241
  • Laura Chambless: (810) 455-4005