Blue Water College Access Network is the local college access network in St. Clair County. Our mission is to have 74% of St. Clair County students attend college.We define “college” as any type of education that happens after high school that leads to a valuable credential or degree.

Local College Access Networks (LCANs) are community-based college access alliances supported by a team of community and education leaders representing K-12, higher education, the nonprofit sector, government, business, and philanthropy. These coalitions are committed to building a college-going culture and dramatically increasing college readiness, participation, and completion rates within their community. LCANs coordinate and expand programs, services and resources that lower barriers preventing students from pursuing postsecondary educational opportunities. (Source: Michigan College Access Network)

Blue Water College Access Network is one of approximately 50 LCANs in the state of Michigan and works closely with the Michigan College Access Network.and the National College Access Network.