Employee Resources


The RESA website needs to know it's you who wants information before it will allow you access to certain pages or documents. That's no problem for people working on site and using RESA computers. However, people trying to access documents from off-site using another email account will face difficulties. It's an easy problem to solve: Just sign in to the RESA website using your Gmail account and password. Bingo! Problem solved. Once a Google Doc is opened, you have to make a copy of it and save it to your personal Google Drive before you can use it. By the way, you have to download a PDF and open it in Reader to allow you to type in the fields.

Business Templates (Google Docs)
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Employee Benefits
Employee Handbook
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Safety Data Sheets
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2019-2020 Paid Holidays for 12-month Staff
2019-2020 Woodland Developmental Center Balanced Calendar
2019-2020 St. Clair TEC School Year Calendar

2018-2019 Paid Holidays for 12-month Staff
2018-2019 Woodland Developmental Center Balanced Calendar
2018-2019 St. Clair TEC School Year Calendar

Employee Polices, Guidelines and Procedures

1169-1 Out of State Travel Form 
2550-1 Technology Employee Appropriate Use Agreement 
2550-2 Handbook Appropriate Use Agreement 
3300-1 Investment Procedure 
3605-1 Procurement Card Purchase Procedure 
3605-2 Procurement Card Acknowledgement 
4040-1 Emergency Drills Recording Form 
4080-1 School closing Procedure
4760-1 Qualified Contractor Worksheet
5035-1 Harassment Guidelines
5205-1 Weapon Free School Zone Guidelines
5330-1 Conference Travel Guidelines 
5357-1 Family Medical Leave Act Guidelines 
7175-1 Parental Involvement Guidelines 
8045-1 Homeless McKinney Vento Act Dispute Resolution Procedure 
8260-1 Bullying Procedures Receiving Witnesses 
8260-2 Bullying Reporting Form 
8260-3 Bullying Investigation From 
8260-4 Bullying Remediation Agreement 
8260-5 Bullying Individual Behavior Plan 
8670-1 Student Medication Form 
8670-2 Asthma Medication Instructions 
8675-1 Addendum Epi-Pen Guidelines 
8675-2 Epi-Pen Storage Form 
8675-3 Responding to Anaphylaxis