Consultant Services

The St. Clair County Regional Educational Service Agency offers the county's public schools a variety of programs and services designed to enrich the total educational process. Programs and activities offered are designed, implemented and integrated to meet the needs of our local school districts and improve student achievement.

St. Clair County RESA employs content area consultants who are experts in their field. Consultants deliver programs and services in a variety of professional learning formats at the county, district, building and classroom levels. On any given day you may find them working with individual teachers or small groups to model instructional techniques; assisting a building or district team with alignment of curriculum, instruction and assessment; or facilitating a county-level group of teachers.

At the local and county level, the consultants respond to needs identified by data, and to requests for assistance from local educators. Over 100 days each year, every consultant is working in local districts supporting efforts to raise student achievement.

Topic areas:

  • English language arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • World languages
  • Interventions
  • Technology

Meet our consultants

Laura Chambless
Assistant Director
K-8 Math and Science

(810) 455-4005
Laura's Webpage

Kristin Day
Education Technology Consultant
(810) 455-4007
Kristin's Webpage

Jennifer Evans
Assistant Director
K-8 English Language Arts

(810) 455-4016
Jennifer's Webpage

Victoria Les
Assistant Director
Secondary Language Arts

(810) 455-4006
Victoria's Webpage

James Licht
Science and Math Center
Secondary Mathematics Consultant

Jim's Webpage

Minna Turrell
Secondary Science Consultant
(810) 455-4003
Minna's Webpage

Rachel Verschaeve
Associate Director of Education Services
(810) 455-4004