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There are several types of higher education institutions. The most important task is locating one that fits who you are and who you hope to become. The three primary categories for higher education are as follows:

Career, technical, and business schools

  • Private schools specializing in trades or vocations by offering various courses and occupational programs.
  • Specialize in skill training (e.g., welding, cooking, hair styling and word processing) required for a specific job.
  • Offer certificates upon completion of training programs. Many now offer college degrees.

Colleges and universities (4-year)

  • Institutions made up of divisions called schools or colleges.
  • Geared toward preparation for professional occupations such as accounting, engineering and health services.
  • Grant Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees upon completion of program.
  • Many universities offer masters degrees and PhD programs.

Community and junior colleges (2-year)

  • Institutions are conveniently located in local communities.
  • Specialize in college transfer programs often tied to four-year colleges in state or local area.
  • Offer technical programs designed to serve the community's needs.
  • Grant associate degrees or certificates upon completion of program.

Introducing My Energy Gateway - a Guide to Education in Energy

The Associationof Energy Services Professionals Foundation recently launched myenergygateway.org to guide students toward an education and meaningful career path in energy.

Developed through a contract with the U.S. Department of Energy, myenergygateway.org provides a comprehensive list of colleges and technical institutions that offer degrees and certifications in alternative energy, energy efficiency, sustainability, green building design and more. Scholarships, internships, job options and an extensive industry resource list are also included.

College summer enrichment 
programs for high school students are available. This information can be accessed through the college's website. Some programs are available for K-12 students. For example: Wayne State University is offering various camps and classes. Click for more information

The Math and Science Scholars program at the University of Michigan is now accepting applications. Click for more information.