Tier 2 Tools

Tier 2 is also known as "Targeted Supplemental Instruction." Approximately 20% of students will require a more targeted approach. In Tier 2, students are provided with research-based interventions in a small group. In many cases, Tier 2 takes place in the general education classroom. In some cases, Tier 2 interventions are delivered by additional staff.

Tier 2 interventions MUST be delivered with fidelity. It is important for teachers to create an intervention plan for the student. The intervention plans should include the intervention, duration of time, delivery style, group size and staff responsible. In order for interventions to be given with fidelity, interventions, strategies and plan must follow protocol.

Documentation and ongoing progress monitoring is required at Tier 2. Students may be in Tier 2 for 8–12 weeks. Once the data is reviewed, the team will make a recommendation. 

Possible recommendations at a student team meeting:

  • Student has met goals, and returns to Tier 1.
  • Student has not met goals, but is making adequate progress. This student remains at Tier 2 with same intervention.
  • Student has not met goals, and is not making progress:
  • Intervention is changed, or
  • Duration is changed, or
  • Student is referred to Tier 3 for a more intensive intervention program.

Tier 2 examples for

Early Childhood:

Center for Response to Intervention in Early Childhood

National Center on Response to Intervention

Progress Monitoring Tools Chart

Webinar Module: Using CBMs for Determining Response to Intervention

Powerpoint from Module

Handouts from Module

Tier 2 Interventions for Reading and Math

Coming soon: 

Literacy Interventions

St. Clair County teachers and interventionists are working on a list of Tier 2 and 3 research-based interventions.